Blessings and Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

     The Holy Spirit has birthed a prayer movement at the end of this age so that God can bring healing to our souls and transformation to our world. We are grateful to be a part of this Heavenly mission.  The vision of Living Waters House of Prayer is in full agreement with Jesus.  We will pray with unity and passion. We will worship night and day with the perseverance of Job, the passion of King David, and the vision of Abraham.  And, we will extend God’s kingdom with all the resources He puts at our disposal. 

    In response to our prayers, God has reminded us of the Parable of the Tares - Darkness and Light will grow alongside one another in the last days. Though the temptations to yield to despair and immorality may be great, we will not be overcome by the darkness. Instead, we will run to the secret place in God’s heart where He will reveal His plans and release His love in ever-increasing measures. 

     We believe there are gifts and power available if we will allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify us and prepare us for the coming changes. This is the time the ancient prophets envisioned but never experienced.  There are glories, miracles, signs, and wonders about to be released for the greatest spiritual awakening ever seen on planet earth. 

     We invite you to join us on this incredible faith adventure!